I play Words with Friends and I keep Candy Crush going but that's it, as far as games I play on my Android are concerned.

I don't play any on Facebook...or so I thought.

It wasn't too long ago that I began getting messages, on Messenger, from certain of my Facebook friends that were very odd.

They would say things like, "So and So decimated your territory," "So and So is destroying your territory," "So and so destroyed your buildings," and so on and so forth.

So and So is the blanket pseudonym for at least five different friends with which I somehow became engaged in the game Thug Life.

And then, of course--OF COURSE--I'm offered the opportunity to get revenge. So I've tried to do that...by DELETING this infernal game from my life.

Oh, and the first time it happened, I engaged, having NO idea what I was doing. So Facebook Messenger told my friend, So and So, that I was "creeping around his turf" and so I was "caught sneaking around."

Oh Lord, get me out of here. So, that's what I did. I got out.

I clicked on the three little lines (I had no idea that was called the "hamburger icon") and went to Settings and Privacy and then Settings. Under Security, I clicked Instant Games and checked Thug Life. Then I clicked Remove and it is gone. And I will never get another message telling me that my buildings were destroyed and my property decimated.

I got my instructions here. I'd suggest saving the page.

I mean, geez, after 2020, I don't need words like "destroyed" and "decimated" in my life.

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