In a former life, I was a bartender. I enjoyed bartending most nights. Of course, the occasional out-of-control patron wasn't pleasant but those who enjoyed responsibly were always fun to hang around.

During my time as a bartender, I worked a lot of happy hours. Happy hour is usually when the older crowd celebrated and they'd usually leave before the college kids came pouring in. Older adults have a very different palate from the younger generation. They'd, of course, order beer and wine but mixed drinks were a different animal. Some of the drinks were common and some were not.

One of the most infamous was the "chicken skin." GROSS, I know. Luckily, it has no skin in it. But, whiskey, lemon, and water base is considered a whiskey skin. What makes it a chicken skin is using Lord Calvert whiskey. It gives it that golden color.

So, mix a shot (or two) of Lord Calvert, water, and a slice of lemon in a low ball.

I can't think of anything worse! But, now you know!

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