For all intents and purposes, we've done alright for ourselves this spring, with regards to the weather. Usually by the second week in June, we've already experienced our fair share of swelter.

But it's been pretty nice...until today, Monday, June 12th.

We knew that what's typical for the Ohio Valley in summertime was coming.

With that in mind, the Kentucky State Police and KidsandCars.Org have issued a friendly and important warning about the heat of the coming summer season.

Despite the fact that the typically warm months have, so far, been atypically comfortable, for the most part, KidsAndCars reports that 11 children have already died from vehicular heat stroke in 2017 and that there were 39 such deaths in 2016.

The organization is also backing a piece of legislation called the Hot Cars Act of 2017 which would require all new passenger motor vehicles to come equipped with a child safety alert system.

KidsAndCars has also published a list of organizations that support the legislation.

It's such a dangerous situation and can unfold so easily with folks being in a rush more today than ever before.

Kentucky State Police spokesman Lieutenant Michael Webb said that the temperature inside cars can reach 125 degrees. That's just unthinkable.

So, while I'm pretty hopeful that I'm preaching to the choir here, it's never a bad idea to be reminded about, not only kids, but the elderly and pets, too, in situations like this.




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