Every state has its own unwritten rules that should never be broken. The only exception is if the person is new to the area. Now obviously there can't be jail time or ticketing for breaking said "rules" but there should be. And, if there are rules, how many times is one allowed to break them before getting ousted from society? (That's an extreme punishment, I'm aware.)


This subject of unwritten rules or fake laws that shouldn't be broken has been discussed on this very website before. Keep in mind, this applies only to Illinois. These rules can vary in categories and, in all fairness, some may apply to neighboring states. Although situations may cross the state line, don't be stealing my content. (I'm talking to you, Iowa.)

The Biggest Rule Was Overlooked?

I admit I dropped the ball when cranking out rules that should be added to the books in Springfield. Looking back at comments on the article I noticed nobody called me out on this. Not a single person even commented with something like, "Yeah, you forgot about ______." Despite this, true Illinoisans will agree.


One of the biggest written rules in Illinois is a long-debated subject involving food. Some say this is only a Chicago thing but I think they're wrong. A rule is a rule is a rule. When it comes to hotdogs there is a golden rule - no ketchup allowed. The only sandwich the tomato-based condiment is absolutely allowed on is a burger. Yes, a hotdog is a sandwich by definition.

Sandwich: two or more slices of bread or a split roll having a filling in between. - Merriam-Webster

I know you're questioning that definition but I didn't make it up. It's not fake news.

Other "Rules" For Illinois

  • Driver at least 5mph over the posted speed limit on major roads
  • The left lane is for passing on Illinois highways/interstates
  • Appreciate Cheap Trick
  • Don't be a Packers fan

But wait, perhaps the BIGGEST rule in Illinois has to do with the pronunciation of the state itself. No, I'm not talking about the silent "s" are the end of Illinois (pronounced ill-uh-noi). There's another way people are saying the name of the state and it drives me crazy. Everything I hear this it makes me want to jam a fork into an electrical outlet and hope for the best.

There is no "E" in Illinois. It is not Ellinois, EL....linois. Squeezing in an "eh" in place of the "ill" in Illinois is beyond frustrating. There is also not an "e" in milk.

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