A new Illinois bill was passed that would ban the practice of declawing cats, potentially making it the sixth state in America to outlaw it.

I have two cats of my own, Ramen and Noodles.  Honestly, I am a big fan of cats after I went to the shelter and fell in love with my babies!


What I've never been a fan of is declawing cats for a human's own benefit.

Seriously, I can't stand when people adopt a cat and get it declawed because their Landlord said, "they can only have cats if they are declawed."

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If you don't want YOUR fingernails taken from you, why would you think animals want their claws removed?  It's just so inhumane!

Let's do better.

That's why I'm excited for this bill that would ban declawing so no other cats have to suffer from this pain because of a human's pure selfishness.

Proposed Bill Could Protect Cats From Being Declawed in Illinois

This bill would make it illegal to declaw cats outside of necessary purposes, like therapeutic and emergency needs.

The legislation amends the "Humane Care for Animals Act", with the amendment outlawing "surgical claw removal, declawing, or a tendonectomy on any cat or otherwise alter a cat's toes, claws, or paws to prevent or impair the normal function of the cat's toes, claws, or paws." [nbcchicago]



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The bill is now advancing to the Illinois Senate for further consideration.

I've heard plenty of people say they just don't like being scratched by their cats or could get a serious infection if a cat claws into them deep enough.

Well, there are plenty of other options of pets to choose from.  That's all I have to say!

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