Hurricane Laura is gaining strength and could storm the Gulf Coast as a Category 3.  Later this week, after threatening parts of Louisiana and Texas, remnants of the storm are expected to make their way north and bring high winds and potentially heavy rainfall to the Midwest, including the WBKR listening area.  Here's what to expect, how much, when and where.

National Weather Service
National Weather Service

According to the National Weather Service, we have a daily chance of showers and thunderstorms starting Wednesday.  However, the primary threats of locally heavy rain associated with Laura ramp up near the end of the week.

Widespread showers and thunderstorms in association with the tropical remnants of Laura may produce heavy rainfall and flooding issues Thursday night through Friday night.

As you can see from the graphic above, parts of far western Kentucky could see the highest rainfall amounts, but we could see considerable amounts here in the Owensboro area as well.

Of course, we'll keep you updated on the strength of Hurricane Laura, her projected path to the Gulf Coast and her continued track toward the tristate.  Stay tuned to WBKR, the WBKR Facebook page, and, of course, the WBKR app.

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