I knew black bears were roaming far beyond where they usually roam in Kentucky. I knew we had an alligator show up. And I won't even go INTO the snake situation.

So, whaddya say, 2020? What's next? How about a little scorpion action to keep things hopping?

Surely I jest, right? WRONG.

Kentucky is one of the states where the intrepid explorer will find a breed known as the Southern Devil Scorpion.

A map at inaturalist.org reveals that these fun little arachnids are also indigenous to Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina. They also seem to make spotty appearances in North Carolina, Florida, Virginia, and Louisiana.

InsectIdentification.org says that, like most North American breeds of scorpions, these guys aren't lethal. But a sting is a sting and it will hurt. There could also be an allergic reaction which, for some, would not be a good thing.

So check that map again. If you're camping where there's a chance you might encounter one here in Kentucky, it wouldn't be a bad idea to shake out your shoes and sleeping bags like we always did, growing up, when were out visiting family in New Mexico.

Out there, it's nothing to see the occasional scorpion. In Kentucky? Yeah, it's kind of bizarre.

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