Recently, Chad and Angel asked to see everyone's do-it-yourself haircuts, which was, for very many, the only option during the pandemic shutdown.

I've noticed a lot of Facebook posts from friends who are excited that salons and barber shops are opening Monday and they can FINALLY get something done about that hair.

Well, I was losing my mind and couldn't wait.

Dave Spencer/Townsquare Media

Several years ago, however, I probably SHOULD have waited...just a few more days. You see, I was sitting in my dad's chair and there on this chair side table was a pair of pinking shears. And despite the fact that I knew I wasn't supposed to play with scissors, I was seven years old an did anyway.

Masonville Elementary School

The thing is, two days later was second grade class picture day. And there I was with a big notch in my bangs.

I begged Dad to take my to the barber shop, but he wouldn't do it. I wasn't supposed to play with scissors, so I was getting my picture taken like that.

Lesson learned, wouldn't you say?

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