Who remembers the Ice Storm of 2009?  How could we forget?  Lots of people are capturing the Ice Storm of 2021 and we are sharing it with you.

Do you remember where you were during the 2009 Ice Storm?  I was living in Trinity Hills and had a basement.  I woke in the middle of the night realizing we had no power.  I immediately got up and walked down our steps only to discover the sump pump was flooding the floor EKKKK...

Every 30 minutes we had to fill buckets and take them up the steps so it wouldn't ruin our house.  It was an awful experience.  My boys and I had to live at the Owensboro Parks & Recreation Department where we slept in my office because we were an emergency shelter for families.   I think I stayed up for 48 straight hours.  There were about 50 people that came to stay during the storm.

Thankfully, this didn't happen this time and I am able to just enjoy the view of everyone posting pictures of the beautiful ice.

Yesterday, we actually shared a story about our friend Jacy English who had a fall on the ice.  After we made sure she was fine we laughed and we blasted her on-air and she was a good sport about it.


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