After drinking way too much alcohol, this man in Wisconsin crashed out on a couch of a woman he didn't know.

Many People Experience Dumb Drunk Moments

Many people that like to partake in the booze, can share stories of their stupidity while being wasted. Personally, I have experienced plenty in my lifetime. Especially, during my college days.

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Here's one of my favorite stories from my time in the dorms. My friend and I went out for some beers and had way too many. In the middle of the night, I got up to go to the bathroom. At the same time, the guy that lived next door was taking a shower. He left his door open. I ended up passing out in his bed. When he came back, there I was. He tried to wake me up but was unsuccessful. He ended up getting my roommate to help him remove me. At least the guy knew who I was.

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Drunk Wisconsin Man Passes Out In Wrong Apartment

Wisconsin Woman Discovers Drunk Strange Man Sleeping In Her Apartment

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This incident happened up in Madison. A couple of nights ago, a woman discovered a surprise visitor in her apartment. It was a drunk stranger who passed out on her couch. He was so wasted that he wouldn't wake up. She called the police and the intruder was still asleep until the officers took him away. They made sure he had a comfy jail cell to sleep it off.

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Drunk Wisconsin Man Passes Out In Wrong Apartment

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