You probably won't lose a windshield wiper, but it still looks like a lot of fun.

Whenever I hear about a drive-thru safari, I always think of the videos of monkeys absolutely destroying cars. Ripping off antennae, windshield wipers, or mirrors, it's always funny watching these classic drive-thru videos.

You probably won't lose part of your car at this Illinois drive-thru safari, but you'll still have a great time.

The Aikman Wildlife Adventure in Arcola, Illinois is the only drive-thru type safari experience in Illinois.

First of all, let's figure out where Arcola, Illinois is. It's south. Not quite Carbondale south, but still pretty far from any decent sized Illinois city. Think the Springfield area, but a little more east and rural.

Joe Dredge
Joe Dredge

Truly in the middle of nowhere.

So, monkeys are off the table, what can you see at this drive-thru safari?

Honestly, a bunch of animals I've never heard of, but absolutely want to check out.

There's something called a Watusi:


This could absolutely destroy your car, and you if you're not careful. Easily the most dangerous animal at the park.

The Scottish Highlander


Is this a yak? Still a problem with the horns if it wanted to but not as scary as the watusi.

The Texas Dall Sheep


Is this a deformity? Is there an evolutional advantage to having a full 720 degrees of horn an evolutionary advantage? Perhaps there's someone on site to explain.

A Zedonk


Listen you can dress up a donkey all you'd like with striped legs and everything, it's still a donkey. I still want to visit, just not for this zonkey.

There are walking tours as well as private guided tours of the property for an additional charge.

Make the drive some weekend and check out the wild life of central Illinois.

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