The most important part of any sandwich as far as I'm concerned is the bread. And if you're trying to convince me that the gluten-free options are just as good, it won't happen.

If you can't make a great peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich on it, then it's not good bread. For me, it has nothing to do with which bread has the most nutrients in it.

I want that soft white bread that melts in your mouth. You know, the Wonder Bread stuff that you can press into a small ball of dough and likely has very little nutritional value.

Sliced bread in a plastic bag on white surface.

But, this is about which bread is your favorite, not which is the healthiest.

So, when I saw the recently revealed list with every state's favorite type of bread, I was disappointed in what we chose in Illinois.

Before I read what was the favorite type of bread in Illinois, I assumed it would either be a sourdough, a hot dog bun, or something with cinnamon and sugar swirled in it.

I was wrong.

What is Illinois' favorite type of bread?

According to The Loupe's compilation of data that took "Google Trends search data from August 2021 to August 2022 for 45 popular bread types", the favorite bread in Illinois is Sprouted Bread. Really? I've had a piece of Ezekial bread and I'm still chewing it 2 years later.

What is Sprouted bread?

According to Wikipedia, Sprouted bread is "bread made from whole grains that have been allowed to sprout, that is, to germinate, before being milled into flour."

What does sprouted bread taste like? Personally, when I tried it there was no taste. And the texture was like chewing on a small kitchen sponge.

But at least it's not Wisconsin's favorite type of bread which is Rye.

Here's how I have determined that Sprouted and Rye are both subpar types of bread. Because neither is a good bread to use for a PB&J, in my humble opinion.

Looking at the entire U.S. map of favorite kinds of bread by state, it seems that I identify more with West Virginia and Montana than I do with Illinois. Both WV and MT had white bread as their favorite.

Which state in America has the same favorite bread as your favorite?

CLICK HERE to see the complete map of every U.S. state's favorite bread.

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