Everyone, but my husband and I, love to eat hot food. If the food isn't hot, they will put hot sauce on it to make it hot because, to me, they are insane.

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I just can't understand making your food hot or hotter because I like to taste the flavor of my food, not the hotness of it. You would think that a toddler would agree, but no.

My son always wants me to get Flamin' Hot Cheetos. When my granddaughter was about three, she wanted to try one out of a bag he was eating. I was very reluctant to let her because I thought she would hate it and it would burn her little tongue. But, she insisted.

So, we gave her a teenie, tiny, little bite of a teeny, tiny, little piece. what happened? She loved it and wanted more. She did make a horrible face though but still wanted more. It was cracking me up.

This video from Odin, Illinois, reminded me of the face my grandaughter makes while eating Flamin Hot Cheetos, all the while eating more and refusing to admit they may be a little on the side.

I love this little girl's reaction There is just no way anyone is going to get her to admit that Flamin' Hot Cheetos - Carolina Reaper, are really, really hot.



Watch this one-year-old eat Flamin Hot Cheetos. It is too cute. She loves them, too.

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