The winter season can be a brutal season in parts of Illinois. "Why do I live here, again?" is a question many residents including yours truly have asked themselves hundreds of times. If you've lived in Northern Illinois your whole life you know what I'm talking about. The seasons in Illinois may be picturesque but the temps can be anything but.

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One thing to remember in Illinois is the two extremes when it comes to weather. It's not just Northern Illinois things either, other parts are the state experience the same. The difference is to what degree of extreme. For instance, Chicago can have both brutal winters and summers. The effect from Lake Michigan can really do a number on the windy city in the winter. In the upper portion, let's say Rockford, can have some downright uncomfortable winters and summers.

It seems like when it's the extreme of a season, like winters, we dread it and long for summer. However, flip it (summer heat) and we're longing for winter. We are never satisfied, it seems. But, with summer comes not only the heat but also humidity.

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Sweat is a problem in Illinois.

A new study, released by, ranks the sweatiest cities in America and Illinois landed on the list three times. Some of the factors that played a part in the study include the average summer temperature in July, the average relative humidity in July, and the length of summer. There were a few more in-depth categories but the bottom line is Illinois is a sweaty state.

The Land of Lincoln did not land in the top 10 but did make it in the top 200 three times.

Which cities in Illinois are among the sweatiest in America?

Out of 200 cities, here are the three cities in Illinois that landed on the list.

  • Naperville (#77)
  • Rockford (#82)
  • Joliet (#96)

You can MyDatingAdvisor's full list here.

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