A man near Victoria, Illinois has quite a tale to tell. It involves his family's cabins that were located near the pits of an old coal mine where they encountered...something. Something not human.

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Base Camp Chris just shared this harrowing story from a man named Brian of Victoria, Illinois. Chris has over 88,000 followers on YouTube and included this short, but sweet synopsis of a story based in southern Illinois:

Tonight I have a story from one of our viewers named Brian. Brian grew up in Illinois and in the early seventies had an experience at his family cabin south of Victoria, Illinois. There in 1972 him and his friends saw first hand a Sasquatch while exploring the Hills around their cabin that were part of an abandoned coal mine.

As the story goes, Brian was 11 years old in 1972 when his family built cabins near an old Peabody coal mine which his grandfather had purchased in the early 1960's. The intention was to create abodes for fishermen in the area. Something else was already occupying that mine though...

It was July of 1972 when Brian was celebrating his birthday with friends. They were climbing a hill above the mine when he heard a cow making a ton of noise. Something had upset this cow so they crest the hill to see what's causing it distress...what he sees is something "that was not human"...twice the size of a normal person. Brian and one of his friends let out a scream at the beast. It then turned and looked at them. The next 10 to 15 seconds felt like minutes as the creature stared them down before retreating into the woods.

The entire story is worth a watch if you have time as Base Camp Chris talks to Brian directly and lets him tell the story of what he saw near the Illinois mine over 50 years ago. Those images remain vivid in Brian's mind to this day. Who or what it was will likely never be known.

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