There's a porcupine in Springfield, Illinois named Sal and he loves bananas and I am left with so many questions.

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First of all, I will confess this little guy is cute. As a matter of fact, your eyeballs may explode with a cuteness overload if you watch this. But, you're probably gonna go ahead and watch, so do that then I'll ask my questions. According to the description, this moment was captured in Springfield, Illinois.

Here's what the owner shared on Rumble about what you're just watched:

It is a prehensile-tailed porcupine named Sal eating his favorite food, banana.

I had to Google what type of porcupine Sal is. The Smithsonian says that this type of porcupine is native to "the South American forests of Venezuela, Guiana, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, Trinidad, and some extreme northern sections of Argentina". It goes onto say that Sal is an excellent climber and would most likely be found in a tree if he were not in Springfield, Illinois eating a banana.

That led me to the question if it's even legal to have a pet porcupine in Illinois. Find Law doesn't say it isn't, so that's good news for Sal's owner I suppose. Freak 4 My Pet (love that website name) says porcupines can make great pets as long as you raise them from a young age. That's good because you wouldn't want a porcupine mad at you (unless you love becoming a human pin cushion).

There you have it. Porcupines eating bananas in Springfield. Another "hold my beer" moment for Illinois.

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