I'm a born skeptic especially when it comes to UFO's. I was born and raised in Missouri so "show me" is a built-in motto for what it takes for me to believe something. There's a very recent video captured in Missouri over a rural backroad that's interesting for a lot of reasons.

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I have to confess that when I see a video shared by a YouTube channel dedicated to UFO's, I consider that strike #1. They're obviously predisposed to believe that E.T. is up there. This isn't that. It's a YouTube share by a musician in southwestern Missouri who just happened to see something weird when he was driving.

I looked up the address he gave and can confirm the location he gave is really near Plano, Missouri just west of Springfield. The fact that he went out of his way to provide as much info as possible is another reason why I believed his video was worth sharing. The people that either provide no details or are really vague automatically raise my suspicions that they're not legit. This guy went overboard on the info he provided.

Back to the objects in his video, are they really UFO's or something more common? If they are UFO's, what are their intentions? Many including myself believe they're nefarious and perhaps demonic if they are real.

You don't need me to make up your mind for you. Watch and determine if this unassuming dude in southwestern Missouri really did capture something alien above our heads.

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