After this shoplifter in Illinois gets busted stealing from a grocery store, he makes things much worse for himself by causing a crazy scene.

Make Arrest Much Worse By Causing A Ruckus After Being Busted

I believe for many criminals, things could've been much better if they were smart enough to quit while they were ahead. For example, if you get busted committing a crime, do yourself a favor and quit while you're ahead. Suck it up like an adult and don't make a scene. If you cause a ruckus, it's just going to get you into more trouble.

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The incident occurred at a Jewel grocery store in Homewood, Illinois. A shoplifter was busted by employees for trying to steal merchandise. The value was about $130 worth of goods. Instead of taking responsibility like a grown-up and getting through the problem easily. This dumb criminal decided his stupid crime was good enough to fight for. That was definitely the wrong decision.

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Once he was caught stealing, the suspect started to threaten the store employees. He grabbed a garbage can and whipped at the security. As the police started to take him away, he began fighting the officers. During the brawl, he tore down a floral display on purpose. He told police that he was carrying a weapon and threatened to shoot people with his gun. If you haven't noticed, he's just making things more difficult for himself.

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Say cheese, Illinois!

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