Recently, there have been multiple women in Illinois robbed of their purses by a female armed with a sharp blade.

Always Stay Alert When Visiting Chicago

It's crazy how one major city can have two very different personalities. Chicago can be such a great place that's loaded with tons of fun. The Windy City at the same can be a very scary location too because there's so much crime.

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Chicago. Illinois.
Woman With Knife Stealing Purses In Illinois

Multiple Purse Snatchings Were Reported In Chicago

Here's a warning to any ladies traveling to Chicago sometime soon. Please be extra careful and keep a good eye on your purse. Recently, there's been a woman committing armed robbery.

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On the northwest side of Chicago, there have been multiple reports of purses being stolen. The suspect is described as a woman between 25 and 30 years old. Around 5'5" to 5'7" and weighing 220 pounds. She is driving a red Kia and armed with a knife. In each case, the thief sneaks up on the victim and pulls out the knife. She does it enough to scare the heck out of them.

Chicago police seek woman stealing purses at knifepoint.


In one of the hold-ups, the robber pressed the knife against the victim's back, causing a minor cut, police said.

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Woman With Knife Stealing Purses In Illinois
Woman With Knife Stealing Purses In Illinois

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