If you want to live amongst the rich and famous of Illinois, you must make sure to follow the rules. That's especially true if you have roosters. This will require an explanation.

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Have you ever been to Kenilworth, Illinois? Probably not unless you're a Kardashian. It is one of the most wealthy neighborhoods in Illinois.

It's not all sunshine and roses in Kenilworth...if you're a rooster. The Pantagraph shared a strange requirement...if you're a rooster in Kenilworth, you must stand back 300 feet from any house to crow. (*Ahem*)

Let's take a look at Kenilworth, Illinois...a bird's (rooster's?) eye view if you will. Notice how close those (very rich) homes are together?

Google Maps Satellite View
Google Maps Satellite View

How many houses have 300 feet distance from them? Spoiler Alert - NONE. While this rule seems ludicrous, what it likely means is Buffy and her snobby neighbors don't want any roosters interrupting their beauty sleep. I'm just guessing here. It's a theory.

I now have a new bucket list item. I'd love to someday move to Kenilworth, Illinois with my favorite rooster Curly. No one can crow quite like Curly.

Wonder what the fine is for a rooster breaking the rules in Kenilworth, Illinois? Asking for a friend.

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