I grew up in West Terre Haute, IN. Our property sits right along Interstate 70. Which means, we live almost smack dab in the middle of the country. Because of that, most of the people, where I grew up have no accent. We don't sound Northern or Southern.

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Now, accent is one thing, and dialect another. You can speak with little or no accent and still speak incorrect grammar. Likewise, you can have a think accent and speak with correct grammar.

It starts to get a little confusing when we add local dialect and the way each of us grew up hearing things. As babies and small children, we listen and mimic what we hear in our speech. So, if you grew up hearing words used in the wrong way, you likely grew up using them the wrong way.

We asked the question, What word drives you crazy when you hear it used incorrectly?, on our Facebook page. Almost 400 comments told me we had struck a nerve.

Only one person tried to see both sides. The side of the speaker and the grammar police. LOL

It don’t matter instead of it doesn’t matter for some reason gets to me, but to each their own. People are raised in different areas and learn things differently - <span class="pq6dq46d"><span class="d2edcug0 hpfvmrgz qv66sw1b c1et5uql oi732d6d ik7dh3pa ht8s03o8 a8c37x1j fe6kdd0r mau55g9w c8b282yb keod5gw0 nxhoafnm aigsh9s9 d9wwppkn mdeji52x e9vueds3 j5wam9gi lrazzd5p oo9gr5id" dir="auto">Katlyn Lowe</span></span>

I totally agree with Katlyn, but, sometimes when we hear word usage we know is incorrect, it still dries use absolutely crazy.

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If you would like to add the word you hear that drives you crazy when you hear it, comment HERE.

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