A video marquee outside an Indiana shopping center is raising some eyebrows because it features the shocking image of President Barack Obama sporting a mustache made popular by none other than Adolf Hitler.

As if the disturbing imagery of a Barack Hitler was not enough to get the people talking, the marquee also displays the phrase “Impeach Obama” immediately following the controversial flash of an implied Nazi president.

The owner of the Cornerstone Plaza sign, which is located just north of Fort Wayne, says that the advertisement is a paid campaign from an independent party and it is not associated with any of the businesses located in the shopping plaza.

However, towards the end of the message, the name LaRouchePac, a political action committee created by one time presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche, is displayed on the marquee. LaRouche was convicted in the late eighties of mail fraud and tax code violations and has been known to circulate literature depicting President Obama with a Hitler mustache.

The PAC is working to restore a Depression-era law called the Glass-Stegall legislation that limits activities between commercial banks and security companies.

Nevertheless, some residents of Kendallville, including the town's Mayor, say that the sign is in bad taste and it doesn't reflect the overall image the town is trying to represent.

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