Some folks may be getting unexpected checks in the mail after a number of car dealerships settled a class action lawsuit recently.

Document Preparation Fees

Car buyers that paid a "Document Preparation Fee" on the purchase or lease of a vehicle from any one of several Indiana car dealerships over the last couple of years could be getting a payment from a class action settlement. While the dealerships involved deny that they have done anything wrong, they did agree to pay out a more than $13 million settlement in the class action suit. According to WTHR, 145,000 checks are being mailed to car buyers.

 Last July, 12 dealership groups named in the lawsuits entered into a settlement agreement. They denied doing anything wrong, but collectively agreed to pay about $13.5 million to settle the lawsuits.
KCC, the settlement administrator, told 13News that 145,000 checks will be sent to Indiana consumers who purchased a vehicle during the qualifying time period from one of the dealership groups named in the settlement.


What Dealerships Settled?

If you're wondering which dealerships are part of the class action suit, you're not alone. According to KCC, the following Indiana car dealerships agreed to settle the $13+ million suit.

  • Andy Mohr Automotive Group, Inc.
  • Andy Mohr Avon Nissan
  • Andy Mohr Chevrolet
  • Andy Mohr Ford
  • Andy Mohr Nissan
  • Andy Mohr Speedway Chevy
  • Andy Mohr Toyota
  • Andy Mohr VWButler Motors, Inc.
  • Butler Scion
  • Butler Toyota,
  • Butler Toyota, Inc.
  • D-Patrick Boonville Ford, LLC
  • D-Patrick Inc.
  • Dorsett Auto Sales, Inc.
  • Dorsett Nissan
  • Ed Martin 236, Inc.
  • Ed Martin 5500, Inc.
  • Ed Martin Britton Park, Inc.
  • Ed Martin East, Inc.
  • Ed Martin, Inc.
  • Ed Martin North Corp.
  • Ed Martin of Anderson, Inc.
  • Ed Martin Scatterfield, Inc.
  • Ed Martin West, Inc.
  • Terry Lee Companies, Inc.
  • Terry Lee Crossing, LLC
  • Twin City Dodge‐Chrysler
  • Twin City Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram
  • Twin City Dodge, Inc.
  • Twin City Eastside Superstore
  • Terry Lee Hyundai, Inc.
  • Terry Lee Imports, Inc.
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How Much Could You Get?

If you are one of the 145,000 people expected to receive a check, just how much could you get? Well, that will depend in part on how much you were charged in documentation fees at the time of your purchase. KCC breaks everything down in the FAQ found here.

[Souce: WTHR; KCC]

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