It wasn't enough for man to have horse-pulled carriages, we needed speed. Boom, the automobile is born. But, wait, that's not enough, we need to fly like a bird! Boom, airplanes. Now what?

'The Jetsons'
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Many of us grew up thinking, that in the future, the average family would have a fly car as we saw on The Jetsons. Did we really think it would be a thing in 2020? I'm confused by this is.  Maybe I'm alone on this but I was today years old when I learned The Jetson family "lived" in 2062, which is still quite a bit away.


In March 2022 Audi, Airbus, and Italdesign unveiled this prototype they developed collectively.

88th Geneva International Motor Show Press Days
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Let's just forget about flying cars, I don't want to even imagine how much it would cost in gas to fly/drive the thing. Let's focus on cars that don't leave the road, at least not on purpose.

A Car With Six Wheels, For Real?

I was very surprised to see this. In fact, if there was no photogenic proof I would expect you not to believe it either.

I was looking for an eagle's nest that I caught a glimpse will of on Rockford's far southwest side near the airport when I had to do a double-take. Did I see spot a concept car or did someone engineer their own car with six wheels? The car had two wheels in front just like a regular car. In the rear, however, were two tires on each side. The rear tires resembled that of the back of a semitrailer.

Think I'm making this up? Take a look at the image captured by Google Street View.

Google Street View
Google Street View

For the record, I never said I saw this vehicle in person. Also, it's clearly a camera glitch. But doesn’t it look kind of cool? I’d drive it for sure.

If you find something odd like this (in person or on Google Maps) email it to me.

Ummm, can anyone explain why these toys are tethered to an abandoned motel south of Rockford???

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