There is just something really cool (no pun intended) about snow, and it seems to be different for everybody. For an older fella like myself, I appreciate the beauty of snow, but I have absolutely no desire to get out in it. Kids, on the other hand, love to go play in the snow for as long as you'll let them. And then there are animals who, when it comes to snow, are kinda like big, hairy kids.

Like young people, animals react to the snow with a joyful, playful innocence. A friend of mine (Rachel) recently shared a video of her dogs having one of those joyful moments in the snow. She was standing inside, so you can't hear what's happening outside - but just from looking at it, the sweet doggy appears to be barking at the snow, which would be a perfectly logical response. The pooch is, in fact, trying to eat the snow - an equally logical response.

Who Is This Snow-Chomping Doggy?

Say hello to OZZY, an almost-2-year-old Australian Shepherd. Well, that explains it all - he's probably never seen snow before, coming all the way from down under. Rachel says having Ozzy around is like having another 3-year-old toddler in the house. A perfect example of that is how Ozzy talks back. Rachel says he gets a little lippy when you tell him to lay down or tell him he can’t have something. Ozzy won't take no for an answer - he'll try to talk you into letting him have his way.

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I do find it kind of ironic that this adorable doggy is eating snow, but yet, he and the rest of his species are responsible for the warning we've heard our whole life - DON'T EAT THE YELLOW SNOW.

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