Oh, the rollercoaster. I have a love/hate relationship with the amusement park rides. Let's just say I used to love them and the older I get, I hate them.

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When I was a teenager, you couldn't get me off of a rollercoaster. My great aunt lived in Tampa, FL, not too far from Busch Gardens. Every summer, I would go visit her and, by myself, with my aunt and uncle watching from the ground, ride all of the rollercoasters, over and over. It was the best time ever.

Fast forward to my youngest kids being teenagers, and I'm the one standing on the ground, waiting, while they rode the coasters again and again. After a bad experience, I had to stop riding them.

We had taken the kids to an amusement park and I was feeling very adventurous. There was a new coaster and we all decided to ride it together. In fact, I was pretty excited to ride it. That was until it started it's decent down the first hill and around the first corner. My head just couldn't take the pounding.

After the ride, I felt dizzy, nauseous, and had a pounding headache. It felt like a concussion. I just wanted to lie down on the cement and pass out. But instead, I went into the bathroom and laid down on the floor for a while. I'm not sure which is worse. No, I think the bathroom is much worse. But, I didn't care.

Now, I'm a grandparent with a very adventurous granddaughter who loves speed. So, I may give coaters another go. For her, anything.

My beautiful friend, Shelly, wears adventure like a name tag. I don't think she will ever get too old for any kind of fun ride or awesome experience. She recently went with her family to Disney World. From the looks of the reaction of her grandson, Hunter, to the Goofy's Barnstormer coaster ride in Magic Kingdom, he is gonna take after is grandma

At first he seems unsure and his scream could be taken several ways. But, make no mistake, after his first ride, Hunter is hooked. Watch til the end. He loves it!

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