It was such an honor and blessing to be able to interview a local hero in our law enforcement agency, Oz Osborne. He talked about his 40 years of service to our community serving as a Sheriff's Deputy and County Clerk.

Oz discussed what his faith in Christ was like growing up in a family with strong Christian parents. He also talked about joining law enforcement and how his faith was challenged in the early years serving as a Sheriff's Deputy.

May 27, 1989 was a date that most people in our community remember when they think of Oz Osborne and the man he is now. He shared his story about that night and how God was with him while being shot four times, severely beaten, realizing he was paralyzed and left to die. But God......such an amazing God got him help and Oz is a living miracle to everyone who knows him.

The best part of his story is when he shares receiving a letter from Darrell Perry, the man who shot him asking for his forgiveness. A recent article in the Owensboro Messenger Inquirer quoted Oz saying; "Forgiveness did not happen overnight, but it did happen. "When I wrote him I did forgive him, it freed me." Oz says, "If you're a Christian, your answer is, God has forgiven me for what I've done. If you profess Christianity then certainly forgiveness and mercy are tantamount to your faith. If you can't forgive, what kind of faith do you have?"

He was also quoted as saying; "My biggest blessing, beyond my wife, is I have three children and five grandchildren, and (doctors) said I wouldn't have any."

You don't want to miss this interview, it will bless you and challenge you to draw closer to Jesus Christ as you forgive others who have hurt you.

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