I love to interview guests who are inspiring, energetic, and living their best lives to please God. Cynthia Newland is just that! She has been dancing for almost 60 years! She fell in love with dance at the age of four and has not looked back. She became a Christian in 1981 and began combining her faith with dance. She also adopted a plant-based diet and helps others do the same.

I met Cynthia when she reached out to me through social media. Since then, we have hosted a women's self-care seminar together along with other women in the health field. We continue to encourage one another and spur each other on. She loves to help people with their health and nutrition and does it so gracefully. Cynthia uses a biblical-based holistic approach when it comes to coaching others on fueling and nourishing the body.

For three decades, Cynthia has traveled nationally and internationally as a performer and as a teacher conducting creative faith-based workshops. Cynthia is the host of “Learn to Listen”, and the visionary for other virtual conversations and meeting places for artists and creatives to gather for inspiration and celebration of wellness, the arts, and faith.

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Cynthia is the founder of Alible3, she offers wellness education, teaches part-time at Belhaven University, directs Feet Speak Dance, and travels nationally and internationally providing dance training, presentations, and choreography, as well as offering equipping tools for all ages on “Nourishing the Body, Soul, and Spirit”. With honor, Cynthia serves on the Advisory Panel for YPAD supporting the work in advocacy for youth in dance, and is the Health and Wellness Director for the National Liturgical Dance Network, as well as serving other organizations.

She is a wife of over 30 years, mother of three adult married children, and grandmother of six grandchildren.

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