If you watch some farm family videos on YouTube, you'd almost think that farming was just one big party. There's one Iowa family that's keeping it real and showing how not-so-glamorous their farm life really is sometimes and it's perfect.

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Do yourself a favor. If you don't already, follow the Todd Family Farm on YouTube. They live in central Iowa and have started to gather quite a following online. There's a reason for that. They are real and the farm work they do is sometimes very difficult and they don't hide that fact. This last day of harvest season last October is a great example.

As their website (yes, of course they have a website) says, the Todd Family consists of Papa, Granny, Adam, Jill, Jocelyn, Abigail, Emma, Izella, Eliza, Caroline and Lemuel Todd.

Just a few weeks ago as a fierce winter storm was traveling through their part of Iowa, they shared how the work still has to get done.

The Todd Family are God-fearing folks who work the land together and they're helping the rest of the internet to understand what a joy and struggle that can be sometimes at the same time. They even have a line of hats if you become a fan.

As my wife and her family were born and raised in Iowa, I've just subscribed to the Todd Family YouTube channel myself. In my opinion, the world needs more real people not sharing glamour photos and letting real life show, warts and all.

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