I'm going to say this right now and OWN it. I don't ride roller coasters. I cannot get on one. I've never been able to ride them after an incident at Opryland, years ago. And it's fine. 

So, with that out of the way, let's talk about this nearly 30-story tall behemoth that's in the works at King's Island, a popular destination for many tri-staters.

WCPO/Cincinnati has obtained blueprints for something that was initially just referred to as a "ride." But this is something far more involved than just a "ride."

Code-named Project X, this gargantuan new coaster will tower over the legendary Racer which stands next to where the new one will be.

When the ride would begin, it would climb a lift hill then drop 305 feet, thus giving it the status of "giga coaster."

Sounds daunting, doesn't it?

"Project X" would include what roller coaster aficionados call a  "treble clef."

Yep, I know what one is and I cannot imagine it in coaster form. Man.

It's said the new coaster could also could include a tunnel.

So far, however, King's Island reps are pretty tight-lipped. But that's marketing and I don't blame them.

I'd want to keep a lid on this thing until time for the big announcement, too.

Stay tuned.

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