I think the date of this year's Kentucky Derby is weird and it's for one very specific reason. I'm not even going to ask you to guess, because you won't.

This year, the Derby falls on May 6th.

In and of itself, there's nothing odd about that at all.

The Derby will ALWAYS fall on one of seven dates, and that's one of them.

But what's weird is how chilly it's been right around the Derby this year.

It took us all day to get into the 60s today and tomorrow night's low will be in the low 40s.

You see, this year's conditions are eerily similar to what happened on Derby Day in 1989 when--whaddya know--the Derby fell on May 6th!

That day 28 years ago remains the ONLY time in my life I've EVER seen it snow in the month of May.

It did. It snowed. I looked up the weather history for the Kentucky Derby and on that day, there was sleet at Churchill Downs.

The high was 51 and the low was 39 so there was no sticking of any kind.

But I very distinctly remember it snowing on Derby Day 1989.

What's also weird is that earlier this week the back end of that massive storm system from last weekend dumped snow on the midwest.

So, a LOT of elements came together--including the ACTUAL elements--to put a sort of weird spin on this Derby weekend.

And, by the way, this year, I'm betting on Thunder Snow, because, well...right?

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