I am not sure I can think of a more fun national day than National Gorgeous Grandma Day.  When I think of one of the most beautiful women in my whole life I think of my grandmother Kathern Ballard.


She was married to her high school sweetheart and they had six children.  Growing up I always loved going to Grandmothers more than anywhere in the whole world.

My favorite place inside the house was the dining room because there was a large buffet and on it, Grandmother always had a freshly baked pie or cake when we came.  And on the stove was always her green beans, macaroni and tomatoes, and some type of ham.

We would drink Tang and after we ate we would always have a bowl of vanilla ice cream.  It's funny the special things you remember about your grandparents.

Grandmother was a homemaker and could sew better than anyone I know.  She made all my Halloween costumes and lots of my outfits.  She even made quilts for each of my babies when they were born and stitched her name in the corner so they would know she made it with love.

She has the biggest heart and love for others.  She loved my granddaddy with a love I admired and always wanted in marriage growing up.  By the grace of God and a whole lot of prayer I was given that when I married Joe.  Grandmother says Joe reminds her a lot of my granddaddy.

My daughter Kathern is her only namesake and I made that promise early in life if I ever had a daughter she would be named after Grandmother.  I am so thankful I got to keep my promise.

A very special shout out to the other grandmothers in my life; Sherry Rust (Grammy), Darlene Scarbro (Mimi), Shirley Freels (Memaw), Joyce Henry (Mamaw), and Ruby Oliver (Meme) they are all the most incredible women in the world to my kids and I am not sure where we would be without them.

The Grandmothers in Angel's Family

Many of you have shared your special ladies with us.  If you didn't get a chance please drop their picture at the WBKR Facebook page we want to meet them and we would love for you to give them a SHOUT OUT!

Gorgeous Grandmas

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