If you're ready to go skiing or snowboarding, you'll want to keep an eye on the weather, here's why.

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Photo by Alessandro Maculotti on Unsplash
Photo by Alessandro Maculotti on Unsplash

Paoli Peaks

Indiana is not known for being a big skiing destination, due to our lack of mountains, but located just up the road from the Tri-State is the perfect place to go skiing, snowboarding, or tubing during the Hoosier winter months.

Located in Paoli, Indiana is Paoli Peaks a ski resort that keeps Hoosier winters a lot more fun.  They offer skiing, snowboarding, and tubing.  This year they're gearing up for an exciting winter season, even if the weather isn't quite cooperating just yet!

When Does Paoli Peaks Open for the 2024 Winter Season?

If you want to enjoy some of the snowy hills at Paoli Peaks, you'll have to wait just a bit.  Currently, Paoli Peaks is keeping an eye on the weather, and it just hasn't gotten quite cold enough to fire up the snow makers just yet.

Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash
Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

In a post to Facebook Paoli Peaks shared that when the weather temperatures cooperate, they are more than ready to get the snow laid down so people can come and enjoy the slopes.

Operations Update
We were off to a strong early season after spending the summer focusing on important maintenance, including work on the pond. November and early December brought us a few tiny snowmaking windows, but they have not been enough to open the resort quite yet. Snowmaking is an art and a science and our team is ready to #MakeWinterHappen.
Our crew is looking for snowmaking conditions and ready to blast the snow guns at every opportunity.
We are ready!
Equipment tested, staged, and ready
 Snowmaking Team on standby
Snow Cats gassed up and ready to purr
Lifts Ops ready to spin the chairs
An amazing community ready to hit the slopes
What we need:
Snowmaking conditions, aka "Wet Bulb Temp" of 27 degrees.
As you can see, we are ready to make winter happen as soon as possible.
So when will Paoli Peaks open for the season?  Hopefully soon! Keep an eye on the weather, and an eye on the Paoli Peaks Facebook page so you can get your winter fun in!

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