Starting February 5th, the world-famous car manufacturer is bringing its highly popular plant tours to a pause. In 2023, the plant saw 30,000 visitors from across the globe and is a highly acclaimed tour for luxury motor enthusiasts. What has the plant pumping its breaks on tours?

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Progress Drives the Corvette Plant Forward. 

The plant plans to stop assembly line tours by February 5th, due to some upcoming changes to the factory. According to the National Corvette Museum website, the plant is undertaking some "manufacturing advancements". Bowling Green has been home to the Corvette for over 40 years and has been rolling the sports cars off the line since 1981. So it is only expected that the GM plant is due for some upgrades. 

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When Will the Plant Tours Continue? 

For the time being, the date remains to be determined on when assembly tours will return to Bowling Green, but rest assured the hiatus is only temporary. The plant manager explains that now is the season for focusing on the strengthening of the manufacturing systems at GM.

"There comes a season where it’s time for us to continue to focus internally a little bit and to advance our manufacturing, such that we can continue to produce award-winning supercars right here in Bowling Green,” said Plant Manager of Bowling Green Assembly, Ray Theriault.

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While details on what the upgrades will include remain a mystery, we can rest assured that this help bring about the next era for the plant, its workers, and visitors alike. 

“We really enjoy having the public in Bowling Green assembly,” Theriault said. “We really enjoy having enthusiasts and our customers here because it is a win-win for both. We get a ton of joy and happiness from having the customers in, so we’re anxious to take care of what we need to take care of and then we’ll open back up for tours.”

For more information and updates on the assembly closures, and to find other ways to get up close to some of the world's fastest cars, visit the National Corvette Museum website. There you can view all upcoming events coming to the museum. 

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