An all-new 40-acre entertainment complex is under construction in Lexington and is set to debut in summer 2024!

Out With The Old

What used to sit at the location of this emerging entertainment hub, were about as Kentucky as it gets. A cluster of old tobacco barns used to call this soon-to-be hotspot home. The Commons is a brand new, under-construction location that will be an all-in-one destination in the heart of horse country.

In With The New

Some of the amenities that this state-of-the-art complex is said to include, are EV charging stations, shopping and dining spots, nature trails, and secured parking with 24-hour surveillance. It will include a wellness center, and a sky lounge, and will be a pet-friendly environment.

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A new distillery will be placed and considered one of the "anchor tenants" of The Commons. Its future location on Leestown Road is set to become one of the hottest locations in town with this incoming boom.

"A great place to work, a great place to come play and eat, the entertainment side of it, and in the living side of it, we'll have 32 different AirBnB units down here, pretty high-end units," Daren Turner, developer and CEO of The Commons had to say of the development.

University of Kentucky men's basketball coach, Mark Stoops is a major investor in this Lexington-based project, this is what he had to say based on an interview from lex18 news,

"I think it'll be quite different. I think the foot traffic, the education, what we have planned for this new facility is going to add to this area down here. I can't tell you how many people come in just for football games and ask me where to go and so it's going to be nice for me to start them here. It's a great starting point to kick off part of the Bourbon Trail."

The new distillery is set to be ready for visitors by the summer while other additions are expected to take a bit longer but will have a completion date by the end of this year.


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