Somebody cue up Loudon Wainwright III. (LOOOOONG pause) (Crickets). Okay, I'll do it.

I've actually been singing that to myself periodically throughout the last few weeks. The reason I've had this "earworm" is because of the skunk odors that have been wafting through the air recently. It's amazing to me how far that funk travels; I can't imagine getting it inside your house. And if that happens (heaven forbid), do what this YouTube contributor did:

Skunks Like to Wander Kentucky in the Fall

You know, since I honestly do not smell skunk odor very often, it's very noticeable when it becomes more frequent. But at this time of year, the frequency of that unpleasant aroma increases, and here's why, according to the online magazine Hatch:

Kits will hang around with mom all summer long learning the nuances of what it means to be a skunk. Around September, they leave and look for territory of their own, thus beginning the second period of high skunk mortality on our highways.

(Kits, by the way, are young skunks.)

So it appears as if fall is a busy time for the skunk version of empty nest syndrome; the winter mating season is the primary period for wandering skunks.

Trust me, you do NOT want to hit one because, as I understand it, that stench is so difficult to remove, you might have to just burn your clothes. Typically, however, that's most necessary when you are sprayed directly, rather than hitting one with your vehicle. But I've still heard that you probably have to do it in either case, regardless.

How to Keep Skunks Off Your Property

The thing is, we ARE talking about roaming skunks, so the possibility of one finding its way onto your property isn't the remotest one I've ever heard. And then there are your pets who DON'T know to stay away from them. So here's a suggestion about what to do to keep them at bay:

It is secondary skunk season, so be on the lookout, especially when you're driving. I mean, there's a REASON Loudon Wainwright III wrote that song.

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