I wonder if the folks at Friends of Sinners in Owensboro ever thought Good Friday could be THIS good. They certainly had high hopes that it would be.

An answer to those prayers has arrived in the form of a WHOPPING allocation of funds from the state of Kentucky. Friends of Sinners is receiving $1 million from Frankfort in order to finish out their new location. The funds will allow the rehab and recovery center to expand their church from its current 7,000 square feet to 17,000 square feet. This will allow for a classroom, a dining area, and an expanded kitchen.

With this money, Friends of Sinners can move out of the current location on Clay Street and into the brand new facility at 731 Jackson Street. That's old Arc of Owensboro's Opportunity Center.

Friends of Sinners Executive Director Joseph A. Welsh posted a sketch of what the new building will look like along with thanks to the lawmakers who made it happen.

Since Joe's wife, Angel Welsh, was once a part of our WBKR team, we have all watched the evolution of Friends of Sinners, both the rehab & recovery center and the church. So this is very exciting news for our work family as well.

The contractor is expected to be back on the job May 1st, and the new location is expected to be completed six months later.

Friends of Sinners was not the only local recipient of such benevolence and benevolent funding. The Owensboro Family YMCA received $330,000 while the Owensboro Museum of Science and History picked up $1.1 million.

What an exciting time for growth in Owensboro, and what an exciting time for three organizations whose monetary allocations are good news for the entire region.