Friends of Sinners

Why I'm Proud To Be The Wife Of A Recovering Addict
Angel here and my husband, Joe, is in long term recovery from drug addiction. Yesterday marked his 10-year sobriety date and I could not be more proud to be his wife and walk hand in hand on the journey in life as he celebrates this incredible milestone.
Friends of Sinners on Shaped by Faith
Jessica Lee is the Friends of Sinners Women's Director. She is compassionate about sharing with others the love of Jesus Christ and helping women with their recovery.
Friends of Sinners is a ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ committed to expressing the truth of His gospel to all clients in both …
Owensboro Recovery Project (Shaped by FAITH)
Two power-house men have joined forces, along with others in our community, to help advocate  for those who have been touched by addiction. Joe Welsh, Executive Director of Friends of Sinners, and Chris Seaton Founder and Chair of The Owensboro Recovery Project are passionate about helping…
Today Is Giving Tuesday
Giving Tuesday is a day of giving to non-profit organizations or those in need recognized all over the world following Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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