The last time I went with my family to Gatlinburg was Spring Break week in April of 2019. My parents purchased a timeshare that was on the same road as the Log Cabin Pancake House, which is where I think the best pancakes are, but that's my opinion.

But also on the same road was the Gatlinburg Pinball Museum. I had heard about it and I love pinball so I wanted to check it out and oh my goodness! This place was jam-packed with a hundred if not more retro and new pinball machines and they had a plethora of old arcade games. I think we paid a single price to play everything we wanted; I can't remember if there was a time limit.

Now you may have noticed I used the term "was". Back in February of last year, the folks at the museum announced they would be closing. NOOOOOOO!

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So the next several months following the museum's closure, their Facebook posts consisted of various games and machines that they would be selling off. It made me so sad.

Here's a video shot about two years ago of a walk-through of the museum.

There is a happy ending to this story. Back in January of this year, this was posted to the now Gatlinburg Pinball page:

So, while an opening date has not been announced yet, the new location is not far from where it was before, closer to and under the Space Needle.

The countdown to Spring Break is on! By the way, depending on where you are in the Tri-State, most Kentucky schools will be out the first week of April.

2024 Owensboro Burger Week Burgers

That’s right, Owensboro! Burger Week is BACK and BIGGER than ever before! You now have NINE days to try all the beefy goodness that Owensboro has to offer.

Now here is the exciting part- one price! $7 for every burger you try! This gives you an unbelievable chance to not only get your favorite burger, but try so many more at some restaurants that traditionally don’t even serve burgers.

Owensboro is known for BBQ, but can those BBQ restaurants do burgers? What about burgers from some of our Mexican restaurants? This week is an epic showdown of burger awesomeness.
Who will have the best burger in 2024? A distinguished panel of self-proclaimed burger experts will blind taste test to determine one champion. Plus, stay tuned for a social media contest during Owensboro Burger Week. Hint, the more burgers you eat, the better chance you have at a prize!

Gallery Credit: Chadwick J Benefield