Oddly enough, as many big-time travelers as I know, I can think of only one or two who have ever been to Hawaii. And when they got there, one of the first things that happened was someone put a lei around their necks. It's a very cool and OLD tradition.

What Would Be a Good Gift for Travelers That Arrive in Kentucky?

Of course, it begs the question...what would they hang around your neck if you landed in any of the OTHER 49 states? I'm thinking a couple of potatoes in Idaho, some hatch chili peppers in New Mexico (my mother actually HAD a necklace made out of peppers), maybe a Hershey's chocolate choker in Pennsylvania. Oooh, that last one was just off the top of my head, but I'd like to have one.

But what about Kentucky? Is there ANYTHING floral you could wear that represents the Commonwealth? I guess you could go with goldenrod--the state flower--but then you wouldn't be able to stop sneezing.

When I took an informal survey, one item came up a lot, but I'm not sure it would totally work out...for multiple reasons.

As I've mentioned before, I've met very few people not from Daviess County--I'm including folks who are FROM Kentucky, as well--who end up liking mutton. So I'm not sure it would work as a gift for travelers at Louisville International Airport. Also, it would be kind of messy.

And for that reason, the list I've compiled isn't specifically composed of items you could hang around your neck. Heaven forbid, in some cases. But they ARE what folks have suggested would represent the Bluegrass State appropriately.

Like Hawaiian Leis, What Should Travelers to Kentucky Get When They Land?

You might not be able to hang MOST of these around your neck, but they're great gifts nonetheless. Also, picture yourself walking through an airport carrying them.

Gallery Credit: Dave Spencer

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