The golden arches are going to shine a little brighter this month as Western Kentucky Mcdonald's restaurants welcome back the fan-favorite breakfast bagel.

McDonald's bagels were first introduced on the menu in 1999 with various combinations of Spanish omelet, sausage, ham, steak, egg, and cheese available. For a while, they also had a Ranchero version with sausage, pepper jack cheese, onions, green peppers, and the special breakfast sauce. Lordy, that one sounds so good! Check out this nostalgic commercial from when they were introduced.

During the pandemic, most McDonald's around the U.S. "temporarily" discontinued the bagel sandwich. Like we needed any more disappointment! Thanks a lot, Ronald! Sorry, I have strong feelings about this. The bagel sandwich was/is my favorite fast-food breakfast selection. I know I wasn't the only person disappointed that it never came back.

Folks even took to the internet to beg McDonald's for the bagel's return. I found a Facebook group where bagel lovers keep track of where the bagels are available and when. It's called "Where's My McDonald's Bagel?" and has over 9,000 members! Plus one more, because I just joined.

They've been available here and there on a limited-time basis in various states around the country, but I haven't seen them announced in our neck of the woods until now. From what I can tell, the steak, bacon, and sausage egg and cheese bagel sandwiches will be available, and they'll have that delicious Breakfast Sauce!

The McEnaney Family owns and operates 13 McDonald's restaurants in Western Kentucky including Eddyville, Madisonville, Marion, Owensboro, Princeton, and Providence. They announced on their Facebook page, that we can all mark our calendars for March 19th when the bagel will make it's triumphant return to their restaurants.

McEnaney Family McDonald's Facebook
McEnaney Family McDonald's Facebook

It looks like bacon, egg, and cheese; sausage, egg, and cheese; and steak, egg, and cheese. The steak has an option for onion and peppers and they all have that yummy breakfast sauce.

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See you in the drive-thru! Hooray!!

Source: The Daily Meal, McDonalds of Miki

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