The Daviess County Clerk's Office recently announced that they will be temporarily pausing motor vehicle services at the beginning of the new year. Starting January 1st, this lapse is predicted to last for only 4 to 10 business days.

The Kentucky Transportation Department shared that during this time, the current "Automated Vehicle Information System" which has been used for forty years will undergo a major facelift. So that's good news!


Kentucky Transportation Department Updating Statewide System

There is never a convenient time to do things like this, but with 350 million records to update, it has to be done. Area county clerks are urging anyone who needs to do business or renew their vehicle to come in before December 28th, 2023. At that time they will begin the migration of records. Services should gradually resume starting January 8th, 2024.

"The following services will be unavailable during the migration: vehicle and boat registration renewals, vehicle and boat titling and transfers, disabled parking permit issuance, and license plate issuance."

According to Spectrum News, this change to a new system will streamline the process for employees and hopefully reduce those wait times in the line at the clerk's office. Yay!

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Kentucky Transportation Department Changing How License Plates Are Issued

The Muhlenberg County Clerk's Office shared this on their Facebook page:

"Lots of changes are coming in 2024 for Kentucky Motor Vehicle Licensing! Along with our new licensing system, license plates will now be issued to the customer, not the vehicle.
What does this mean for you? When you sell or trade-in your vehicle, you will now keep your license plate. You will be able to re-issue that plate to your new car."
They further clarified how this new change will work:
The plate will still be specific to a certain vehicle and will have to be re-issued in our system. The only difference is that you keep the plate when you sell a vehicle and re-issue it to your next vehicle. It will work the same way specialty plates do currently.
 For more information, visit:

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