I haven't done much research into the festivals of every state--although that would be fun--but I have to think each one of them has a handful that celebrates its history.

I mean, think about it...every place on Earth has history. It's pretty obvious, but how many of us really consider that? When it comes to Kentucky, I most definitely have. You know, when I was a kid, I was legit perturbed that the Commonwealth JUUUUUUST missed being one of the 13 original colonies. Yep, we come in at No. 15, having entered the union in 1792. Still, that's plenty of opportunity for lots of history to be celebrated.

The Oldest Festival in Kentucky

And celebration will be the name of the game in mid-October when Mt. Sterling KY launches its 220th edition of Court Day. While that sounds like something most people would want to avoid, THIS particular Court Day is the exact opposite.

Kentucky's oldest festival, Court Day's origins date back to the turn of the 19th century. Here's how it came to pass, according to Mt. Sterling Tourism:

October Court Days began at the turn of the 19<sup>th</sup> Century when the Kentucky General Assembly decided that each county should meet once a month to hold court. This day quickly became an annual trading day where people came from miles around to buy, sell and trade. And it still is today.

And if you're looking for unique shopping opportunities--always a fun fall activity--you will have come to the right place October 13th-16th, if you find yourself in Mt. Sterling:

Mount Sterling delights in this long-standing tradition when thousands of people from all parts of the country gather for the four-day “Ultimate Shopping” event. Now, this 220-year-old festival entices visitors from all over the world to enjoy the ultimate shopping adventure including handmade crafts, antiques, tools, collectibles and of course, a country ham sandwich!

Court Day in Mt. Sterling KY -- a Virtual Tour

Well, I gotta tell ya, they had me at country ham sandwich. The beautiful part is that you an walk it off at this four-day extravaganza. Take a look, but get ready to scroll; this virtual tour is feature-film length:

So if you're hitting the festivals this autumn, and you want to take in as many as you can in Kentucky, Mt. Sterling's Court Day gives you a wonderful opportunity to soak up charming small-town life and discover what more than 500 vendor booths have to offer.

Who knows? You may never come back. Oh, and don't forget your comfy shoes.

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