What are you doing Thursday, September 14th? Picking the kids up at school? Working? Taking a day off so you can get some necessary chores accomplished? Hosting an enormous Luke Bryan concert on your property?

Many of you can answer "yes" to the first three questions. Only ONE of you can say "yes" to that final question. That is, if you are Amanda Gajdzik of Shelby County. If you're NOT, I'll tell you how Amanda's week is going and what she's doing Thursday.

Luke Bryan's Farm Tour Comes to Shelby County KY

Amanda's family owns a farm and an orchard--Mulberry Orchard--that has been deemed the perfect location for a stop on Luke Bryan's 2023 Farm Tour. As you can imagine, excitement is currently reigning supreme in the Kentucky county of about 48,000 residents, one that is situated practically halfway between Louisville and Lexington. Thursday, the traffic near that stretch of Interstate 64 figures to be hectic.

What Luke Bryan Farm Tours Are All About

According to WDRB-Louisville, Luke and his team seem to scout locations for the annual Farm Tour about a year ahead of time. And it WAS a year ago that they found Mulberry Orchard and decided it was the perfect location for his yearly concert fundraiser.

Luke Bryan's Farm Tours never last long. The 2023 edition will actually KICK OFF in Shelby County and wrap on September 23rd. As Luke has said--in addition to all the money raised for and meals donated to Feeding America food banks and local farmers--it's a way to bring the big city concert experience to folks out in the country.

And the folks "out in the country" in Shelby County are going to have a blast. Additionally, with all this wonderful fall weather arriving this week, fans might actually have to wear something heavier than they've been used to. Talk about the perfect fall experience.

Bayer has been a partner of the Luke Bryan Farm Tour since 2015. Here's what some representatives had to say about this partnership in 2022:

Parking will begin at 2 PM Eastern this Thursday at Mulberry Orchard. Entry begins at 5 PM with the concert set to begin at 6 PM. Tickets are still available.

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