The world of LEGO® building blocks has just changed so much in the past 20 years. The company is 76 years old and I doubt even the original creator Ole Kirk Christiansen had any idea how big people’s imaginations would be or that the blocks would go beyond their toy status.

I have to admit, I remember the bigger blocks, not Duplo, but LEGO® from when I was little. One day, those blocks got smaller and smaller in the form of sets of anything you could think of. I got Zoey a Harry Potter set a few years ago. When you build a smaller construction, you really, really need to keep track of every piece. At my age now, the patience is gone. LOL!

For all you LEGO® lovers, the Louisville Zoo will start displaying an exhibit this Friday focused on nature, such as flowers, birds, and more.

Nature Connects® is an award-winning exhibition showcasing the sculptures and exhibits created by artist Sean Kenney.

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Here is a sample of a similar Kenney exhibition from 2015. He’s been creating LEGO® nature sculptures since 2005.

I mean, wow!

Kenney used simple LEGO® blocks to create his sculptures; make that he used over 500,000 blocks to create this set of over 18 exhibits that are for the whole family to enjoy.

The Nature Connects® Exhibit will start this Friday, June 16th, and will run through Sunday, September 17th at the Louisville Zoo. The exhibit is FREE with zoo admission.

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