If I could have only one composition playing in the background everywhere I went during the month of October, it would be the iconic score John Carpenter composed for his classic horror flick Halloween.

There has NEVER been a need to replace it throughout the series' 45-year run. It's terrifying, it fills you with dread, and it truly sounds like the music of someone chasing you. When Rob Zombie took a crack at the franchise in the late 2000s, he barely changed a thing.

And it was THAT version that followed actor Tyler Mane as he terrorized victims throughout Zombie's Halloween films as Michael Myers. If you get to meet him, maybe you should keep it handy and fire it up while you're in line. I doubt anyone will care.

So now, where in the world COULD you meet one of the Michael Myers actors during Spooky Season 2023? How about Cemetery Road near Bowling Green? How appropriate is that? A road with THAT name where John Carpenter was a student. Plus, all Halloween fans know that the names of Bowling Green streets and landmarks pop up throughout the film AND the first installment of the most recent trilogy.

That's right. Actor Tyler Mane of Michael Myers fame will be on hand at the Skeleton's Lair Scream Park in Scottsville. It's an annual tradition that seems to get more popular every year.

Skeleton's Lair Scream Park will fill up your entire evening because there are so many components like a haunted hayride, a haunted house (naturally), haunted woods, and a 3D-themed house.

Plus, on October 20th and 21st, you have a chance to meet Tyler Mane, of the actors who has portrayed iconic movie monster Michael Myers over the last four-plus decades.

If you have an open date during this very busy Spooky Season, you might want to think about a trip to Bowling Green for a night of fright and fun...and a pretty cool photo op, too.

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