Back in the day, if I was out of town, I'd often get the same question/comment when I told people I was from Kentucky. The gist of it was, "There's some mighty good basketball in your state."

Well, I'm not sure what it says about the perception of University of Kentucky basketball these days, but that's not the comment I get anymore. Today, it's more like, "There's some mighty good bourbon in your state."

New Distillery Opens in Ohio County KY

Depending on the year, they're right on both counts. But the latter statement is ALWAYS on point. You know, there was a time when the top bourbon distillers were all sort of centrally located, but that is no longer the case. You only have to visit downtown Owensboro to see that borne out. Green River Distillery is one of the best in the business, and a brand new one in Ohio County expects to quickly earn similar accolades. Back in July, the all-new Western Kentucky Distilling Company got a head start.

The Future Is Bright for the Western Kentucky Distilling Company

While not yet open to visitors, Western Kentucky Distilling Company--the first official Ohio County distillery since Prohibition--IS creating top-quality bourbon and rye whiskey and DOES plan to open a visitor's center at some point in the future.

Signature brands are also part of the plan at Western Kentucky Distilling, located at 1880 Old Liberty Church Road.

A press release about the private grand opening on October 18th also featured a few words from Governor Andy Beshear:

Coming off what was a historic year for Kentucky bourbon in 2022, seeing these announced projects and investments become operational and begin production is an incredible step for the commonwealth. Today’s grand opening marks yet another step forward for Kentucky’s signature bourbon and spirits industry and will continue to provide incredible job opportunities for the Western Kentucky region. I couldn’t be more excited about the future of Western Kentucky Distilling and want to congratulate the company on this exciting next step.

Right now, Western Kentucky Distilling's main focus is contract distilling, but the future is certainly bright.

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