May 11th of this year marked one year in the music game for local singer-songwriter, Colt Graves. However, he is far from a newbie. I had the opportunity to ask Colt some questions about his musical journey which has now landed him at the top of the Country Music Charts. He is up to #13 on iTunes Country and this weekend, he skyrocketed to #3 on the Amazon Country Music Charts with his new single 'Dirt on Me.' That is HUGE!

Music is in Graves' DNA

Colt's grandfather was legendary dobro player and Bluegrass Hall of Fame Member, Josh Graves. Colt recalls traveling with him and his father as they toured the festival route. Watching his grandfather closely, he picked up on how to play the guitar while also observing what the life of a performer was like. Including the time Colt's grandfather once asked him to sneak him some moonshine from under a cabinet. "Don't tell your Nanny, Colt!"

Graves Has Unique Style and Inspiration

I saw Colt perform at Porch Fest 2022, and one of the things I loved most about his style was that it seemed to have elements of many different genres. This is not an accident. When I asked who his inspirations were, he said "I honestly don't listen to a lot of music because I don't want to sound like anybody else." He did say if you were to look at a playlist of his it would have a wide variety of artists like Tyler Childers, T.I., and even Killswitch Engage. I would say he is succeeding in his mission to create his own sound.

Colt Graves
Colt Graves

Speaking of unique musical inspiration, Colt remembers the first time he ever performed. He won his 5th grade talent show covering Jewel's "You Were Meant For Me." I LOVED that song. He would ask his dad to show him a chord from the song, and he would play it over and over in his room until he learned it. Then, he would move to the next chord until he learned the whole song!

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Available Singles and Where to Find Them

The first song of Colt's I heard was 'Lonesome Roads.'  My friend, Kat, sent it to me when it was released last year. As a children of the late 90's/Early 2000s, we LOVE a good music video!  I totally played it on repeat for the day because of the immediately catchy hook. His following singles, Word Around Town, Running, and Crazy and now Dirt on Me are all just as creative with unique beats, bluegrass instruments, and heartfelt lyrics.

"I've worked extremely hard and put in lots of time with other great writers and my buddy, Jake, who produced everything. All of my music is an expression of me.  The more people listen, the more they get a better feel for who i am as a person"

You can listen and support Colt's music on various platforms including Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify and more! Just follow this link and pick your favorite streaming service.

Colt Graves
Colt Graves


Colt's Musical Wishlist

At first, he jokingly answered "To blow up and act like I don't know nobody!" followed by his big contagious laugh. "I'm just kidding, I can be funny too!" But all joking aside, he does have some pretty amazing goals and the determination required to make them a reality, "1. To provide for family doing music full time,  2. To perform at Grand Ole Opry,  3. To win a Grammy.

"I'm extremely thankful for every single person who has supported the song. It's been overwhelming in the best way." Colt said. It's clear that with his charismatic personality, sense of humor, work ethic, and musical talents, the sky is truly the limit! I cannot wait to see where the rest of his musical journey takes him. Make plans to see him perform at Porchfest 2023 on the Don Moore Stage.

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