In my hometown of Owensboro KY, I get nostalgic whenever I pass a certain insurance agency on Frederica Street and an auto parts store on Highway 54. It's because that's where Owensboro's two Waffle Houses used to be before they closed over a decade ago.

TRUST me when I say that I know tons of people who'd love to have at least one of them back. They love Waffle House. I love Waffle House. I know very few people--you know, maybe I don't know any--who don't like Waffle House.

That's right. When I die, I don't want to be cremated; I want to be scattered, smothered, covered, and chunked. Alas, it remains to be seen if we'll ever get a Waffle House back in Owensboro.

Waffle House Food Trucks Exist, and Everything Is Fine Now

Having learned all that about me, I'm guessing you wouldn't be surprised at my delight in discovering the existence of Waffle House FOOD TRUCKS.

That was in San Antonio on Halloween 2019. And in my research, I kept seeing datelines from 2018 and nothing more recent.

But DO Waffle House Trucks Still Make the Rounds?

Seeing those dates with a great deal of frequency made me wonder if the Waffle House Food Truck fleet--I'm assuming there's more than one--had been sidelined. This Facebook post from Panama City reflecting a post-hurricane appearance by one of the trucks is ALSO from 2018:

However, it was rocking it out in Atlanta just last March, which gives me hope:

Please Come to Kentucky, Waffle House Food Truck

Now, I'm not exactly sure how food truck employment works. I'm assuming that if you see one outside a business, that business must have hired it to be a caterer. Sure enough, that's how Waffle House uses its truck or trucks.

But hey, someone in Kentucky could spring for a Waffle House Food Truck appearance and everybody would win. The business would reap the benefits, and so would our tummies.

Please come to Kentucky, Waffle House Food Truck. I promise I'll be there. I will not let you down.

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