Do 50 different groups of people do things 50 different ways if those 50 groups are the residents/natives of the 50 different states? I didn't used to think so. The broad perception is that we're all creatures of habit and seem to seek the same things--health, wealth, and happiness. And not necessarily in that order.

But I guess that word "broad" is the point. Those three generally ARE the goals, but I now believe that it's the way we seek them out that separates us from one another.

Since I've been to New Mexico more often than I've been in any other state outside of Kentucky, I can tell you that, for example, New Mexicans regard Hatch chiles in the same way we regard, say, a Kentucky hot brown or--more locally--barbecue mutton. Food is a huge factor that creates regional differences.

You Might Be from Kentucky If...

But there are other factors, as well--factors that make folks from Delaware unique from those in Florida. But I can't speak for them. I can really only speak for Kentuckians when I say, you might be a Kentuckian if...

And then we fill in the blanks. When the idea was suggested to me, I immediately had one:

If you have your own shortcut through or way around Louisville in order to avoid annoying road construction which feels like it's been happening for 50 years, you MIGHT be a Kentuckian. This recent closure is a good example of what I mean.

So I decided to poll the crowd and see what they came up with. What they've shared is a lot of fun. Take a look.

You Might Be From Kentucky If...

I'm sure there can be 50 versions of this concept, but we'll let the other 49 states deal with their own. We're here for the Bluegrass State.

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